We are Unified Media, a group of filmmakers from South Shields, England, and we provide video production services for any occasion, at prices scalable to everyone. Whether you’re a business big or small, an organisation, a charity, someone looking to have their wedding filmed for you to relive again and again, or just someone with an inspiring idea, we can work with you to fully conceptualise and fully realise the bringing of your vision to an audience, no matter what it might be.

For any enquiries at all, please contact us, or text/call 07584 208263.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Ryan is a sound engineer and composer with a background in TV. He has an expertise in recording and editing audio, no matter what or where it might be. In his spare time, Ryan loves walking around in nature and plays the drums.


Jon is a filmmaker with a background in teaching film and media. He loves practicing and teaching meditation, singing and songwriting, and the dream-come-true life of making films for a living.


Kyle is a filmmaker and composer at Unified Media with a background in music. Kyle loves to play the guitar, surf, travel the world and create whatever he’s inspired to.


Phil is a filmmaker with Unified Media, and a keen photographer and drone pilot. When he’s not making films or taking photos, Phil is an avid gamer and car enthusiast.