Who we are.

Let us tell you a story...


Friends & filmmakers, Jon, Ryan & Phil were three teachers who wanted to create something that would let them blur the lines between work and play. Together, inspired by the anonymous quote  "create the things you wish existed", the boys left their dayjobs, and set out on an incredible journey into the unknown...

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4 years later...

In 2019, Jon, Phil & Ryan are Unified Media, making films with and for people far & wide. They love to tell stories, truthfully and creatively. The question is, will Unified tell yours?

meet the team



He’s the gentle and wise wizard of the group, and is likely to be found trekking through the wilderness or framing up a lovely, emotive telephoto shot of a Dad tearing up at a wedding. The road to Unified for Ryan was paved with playing and recording music, teaching at a recording studio and learning the ropes of our craft working on Emmerdale as a boom operator. He's a huge fan of 'The Lord of The Rings' and italian food, but above all, he loves being able to do what he loves, with the people he loves.



Jon comes from a background of lecturing on film & media, and loves to talk and share ideas. More so, though, he loves to tell stories, and use his camera to make people feel things. The film Saving Private Ryan convinced Jon that film would be the way he would tell stories, and a lifelong passion began. Jon didn’t try pizza until he was in his late 20s, and to the dismay of everyone who hears it, would frequently order the scampi when out for curry with friends. These days, he lives blissfully with his wife, Emma, where his ideal night to himself would have him playing hours of Battlefield on his Playstation 4.



Phil really loves Batman, which we think is because he has a cool car & fights crime. And so does Batman. (Joke explanation: Phil loves cars, and used to be in the police) In his natural environment, Phil can be found taking photos, in a McDonalds Drive-thru, or driving down a coastal road pumping dramatic music through an impressive sound system. The similarities with the caped crusader don’t end there, as Phil is also massively into gadgets, technology, and can fly a drone as naturally as an eagle does. He’s also the more energetic of the group, and has often been asked by wedding couples if they’ve accidentally hired a dancer as well as a filmmaker. In a manner quite befitting a drone pilot, Phil’s favourite film in the world is Top Gun. Makes sense, as the man likes to wear shades and go fast in impressive machines.


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