Unified Story Ads - Mambos Express

Good day. I’m going to say that more often. Good day. I thought i’d share an Instagram/Facebook Story Ad we produced for MAMBOS EXPRESS, which offers restaurant quality Italian takeaway and delivery. That's pasta, risotto, and other Italian restaurant favourites delivered right to your flipping door, so that’s something to shout about.

Mambos Express is scheduled to be opening before Christmas rolls around, so if you’re from the South Tyneside area, love pasta and would very much like to have it delivered almost directly into your mouth, check them out at: https://mambosexpress.co.uk

Check out the story ad for Mambos Express below…

A New Way to Advertise

Leon, the owner of Mambos and all-round excellent chap, wanted to advertise his upcoming venture in a manner very much befitting the times. What do I mean by that? Well, stories. Stories are massive, and getting more massive by the day. Instagram Stories have “attracted more than 400 million daily users and changed the way people share and consume things online” (source) and so a new way of advertising is emerging through these platforms.

Though technology seems to be moving at lightning speed, and anything you can factually claim about the state of it is subject to change, it is clear that at the moment, the potential for reaching audiences through this platform is massive. Stories are interesting “because they’re full-screen in the mobile-native vertical format”, which makes them “instantly engaging, especially on larger smartphones.” Instantly engaging, eh? Brand-owners everywhere are and should be taking note.

We are too, and that’s why we’re offering Unified Story Ads, which allow our clients to take advantage of the “fastest-growing media format ever” to promote their brand. Sure, filming things in the vertical format is taking some getting used to, but like we said, the world is moving fast, and it makes sense to move with it.

Get in touch to talk about your businesses instragram/facebook story ad. It may well be the leg up your brand needs.

Much love,

Jon & the boys @ Unified