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“There is no difference between film and story, and
no difference between story and our lives.”





Whatever your audience or your goals, we offer drama and narrative film concept and production services. Leave it all to us or have us help you realise your vision - it's up to you. We possess the necessary knowledge of the language of film, story, mythology, archetypes and more to provide you with a product that will move an audience to inspiration, laughter, or tears. Because sometimes, you need to connect with and move people, and you need the right tool to do it.  

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Featured Drama


‘Our Catherine - a film about Catherine Cookson’

Our Catherine has been an amazing journey from start to finish. We were hired by Richard Barber of The Word, South Shields to produce a film about the famous literary author, Catherine Cookson, for an exhibition centred around her. Although Catherine hails from our home town, to us, when we took on the project, she was someone who wrote books that our Mam's read, and little more.

However, in researching Catherine's life in order to write the script - which we co-crafted with the talented North-East writer, Tom Kelly - we realised just how inspiring and moving her story actually was. Her tale was one of overcoming incredible adversity, and chanelling her suffering into something that was a woldwide inspiration to millions of people. Her life spoke to us, and demanded that we do our absolute best to do Catherine justice.

Since producing and releasing 'Our Catherine', The film has been met with incredible & sometimes overwhelming acclaim and feedback. It would seem we succeeded in achieving not only the goal of our client, but in creating something that has struck a real chord with thousands of people the world over. Don't take our word for it - check out the comments.

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As ex-lecturers & teachers, at Unified,  we're accustomed to delivering complex ideas in interesting & engaging ways. So, we offer educational films to suit your needs. If you're a school, library, museum, or anyone in need of a film that entertains and educates, we may well be exactly what you're looking for.

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Featured Educational Project

‘Skipping’ - Lost Dialect Exhibition at The Word, South Shields

With the help of some local school children back in November last year we created an educational piece about skipping. It's part of the Lost Dialect Exhibition at The Word in South Shields and features narration by Capital FM DJ and Instagram hero Rosie Ramsey. As one of the canny bairns quipped, "Here man, I skip more than just the ads." Incredible.