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Music Videos


Coming from a background in music ourselves, we offer conceptualisation and production for creative, professional music video & live performances in all formats for bands and artists of all genres or styles.

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Featured Music Video


Boy Jumps Ship - Working For The Weekend

"We were originally tasked with making a 'lyric video' by the band Boy Jumps Ship, but with a limited budget. The only real guideline being that it revolved around the idea of a ‘journey’. Always pushing ourselves to do more with less, we decided to go for a high-energy concept that was exciting, would take the audience on a journey, and moreover, could be achieved at a low cost. The final video ended up being a paradoxical journey through normal, everyday things - such as the working week and the commute to and from work - being viewed in a very unusual and otherwordly way.

We were able to achieve this look by shooting out of a moving car, cut with minimal band performance in a field, and a single stock drone shot of our town. All of this was mirrored and blended in different ways to create the effect. We ended up dubbing the style 'psychedelic banality', which we think helps reflect the core message of the song - it's never too late to change the way you see your life, and how you live it.

It’s also a good example of what can be acheived for a very modest budget, with a certain amount of ingenuity.” - Jon

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We provide multicam productions of theatre/comedy shows, performances and pantomimes, to name a few. We also offer small to large scale DVD design & production to meet your requirements. We have worked passionately and creatively over the years to bring professional live event productions to our clients.

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Featured Live Event

South Shields MMA - Charity Event

“This was one of those projects that was a real honour to be a part of. The fighters in this MMA event were everyday folk brave enough to train for and enter the MMA ring to raise money for charity. The organisers hired to put together something to help promote the event for future runs, but only really wanted something basic. 'Basic' isn't really in our vocabulary, and so we went all-out on the edit, fusing some of our individual styles and tastes together into something that we like watching even now, 3 years after we made it.

Sure, it's shot on older equipment, and its showing its age a little, but we feel like we really nailed the emotion of anticipation, adrenaline, courage & sportsmanship that we felt characterised the event.” - Jon

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