unified weddings FAQ

Your most common questions, answered. 


In your highlight reels, I don't hear a lot of voices. Will my wedding film include the actual sound from my ceremony & speeches?

Absolutely! For the most part, we like to edit our highlight reels using only music and the occasional bit of sound recorded on the day, but your full length film will feature clean, crisp audio of your ceremony and speeches. In fact, your ceremony & speeches are presented in their entirety for you to enjoy, with all of the original recorded sound intact. So, if your speeches last 40 minutes, the speeches will be 40 minutes in length in your feature film, and you'll be able to hear every word.  

Will you show other parts of the day, too?

We will more or less present all of your day, all seamlessly and creatively edited into one 60-90 minute film so you can re-live your wedding in its entirety from start to finish. Although each film is unique in its own way, our films are typically composed of the following:

  • Morning Preparations (Bride & Groom)
  • Pre Ceremony (Guests Arriving, mingling) 
  • Ceremony (Full)
  • Post Ceremony (Newlyweds with guests)
  • Speeches (Full)
  • Post Speeches (Usually composed of guests relaxing, mingling, enjoying the venue)
  • Beauty Segment (You and your new bride or groom together, looking terrific)
  • Pre Dance (Usually includes cake cutting)
  • First Dance (Full) 
  • Reception (It's party time)


What music will you be using in my film?

Because we know that music is both a very personal thing, and so important to the impact of a film, we ask that you and your partner choose 8-10 songs that mean the most to you both. Any sequence of your film that does not feature its original recorded sound (ceremony, speeches) will be edited using this music, and this is one of the aspects that gives your film that very personal feel. We may sometimes use music that we find appropriate, but this is rare and would never step outside of the taste of you and your partner. We always strive toward your film feeling like it perfectly reflects who you are, and the soundtrack of your film will always reflect that, too. 

How many of you will turn up on the day, and will you be smartly dressed?

Come your wedding day, whether through Skype or meeting for a coffee, you'll know us by name as Jon, Phil & Ryan, and all three of us will be there on the day. We'll also turn up suited and booted to blend in with your guests. This is your wedding day, not our film set, so we'll look as sharp as we work.   

Will I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, we ask for a £250 deposit on our cinema package and all bespoke packages, with the remaining amount due a month prior to your wedding date. 

Where do I find information on pricing?

Get in touch with us if you'd like to know more information about prices & packages. We're looking forward to hearing from you, and telling the story of who you are.