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Our Wedding Film Philosophy

For us, one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world is getting that first text or call back from one of our wedding couples after they've just sat down with their wedding film and a bottle of wine, and they tell us how grateful they are that they've just been able to re-live the most important day of their lives.

They comment on the emotional roller coaster we've taken them on, and how their wedding video seemed to be more of a moving, sweeping, cinematic, Hollywood production than a piece of videography. They comment on how well our creative choices seem to reflect who and what they are to each other. They comment on how much care & love has clearly gone into the making of their film. Don't take our word for it, check out our reviews.

That's because our passion is to make films. Films about love, films about people, films about the things that matter in life.

When you book your wedding film with us, we'll meet with you & your partner prior to your wedding for a coffee, and from there we'll begin to get a sense of who you are, and from this our unique approach to crafting your wedding film.

Why? Because, the fact is, you're a thoroughly unique individual, and so is your partner. Together, you're even more unique, and in order for us to create a film for you that feels as good as it looks and sounds, we need to understand and appreciate that.

If we're honest, to us, you're not a customer. That's not how we see you. You're a weird and wonderful individual who is brave enough to take another, look them in the eyes and promise them that every day, you'll choose them. That takes a profound level of commitment, responsibility, and dedication; and we truly respect that. To us, that is beautiful, and is always a story worth telling, and worth telling well. In fact, it's worth telling in the best way we possibly can.

And we'll do that. Every single time, we'll give it everything we've got, just as you are to each other.

We can't wait to meet you, and we can't wait to tell your story. That's our wedding film philosophy, and that's who we are.

- Jon, Ryan & Phil @ Unified


the ultimate wedding film package: The cinema package


We are very proud to use our years of experience to bring you the ultimate wedding film option – The Cinema Package. This package includes a comprehensive feature-length wedding film of up to 90 minutes in length, which utilises up to 5 camera-angles across the air and the ground to acquire complete coverage of your day, from start to finish. This option is for the couple who want to sit with a bottle of wine on a cosy night, and to re-live their wedding day in feature-length, cinematic form. We use multiple cameras to provide you with one of the most comprehensive, cinematic wedding film services available. 

Our cinema package includes
– 60-90 minute feature film covering your full day from start to finish (includes bride & groom prep, full-length ceremony, full-length speeches, cake-cutting, first dance, reception & anything else you might have planned!)
– 4-6 minute highlight reel
– Aerial drone footage
– 5 camera angles for maximum, multicam coverage (so if your Dad is moved to tears during your ceremony, we won’t miss it!)
– Dedicated sound recordist
– Uniquely and creatively edited & crafted to suit you and your partner’s style, personality & music taste
– Delivered in presentation case on USB

We also offer a bespoke package which we’d be happy to curate with you…


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